Mim Design是澳大利亚最优秀的设计公司之一,通过对光,空间,材料和工艺的运用,打造出适应客户的生活方式的空间表现,并提供温暖的感觉。
Mim Design is one of Australia's finest design companies, creating a space that adapts to the customer's lifestyle and provides a warm feeling through the use of light, space, materials and craftsmanship.

'Norfolk' Burleigh Heads位于海滩和国家公园之间的标志性的Goodwin Terrace,是一个令人惊叹的展示太阳,冲浪,沙滩和Burleigh轻松社交的完美场景,拥有8层楼的精致住宅。室内空间宽敞,在永恒的叙事中体现了海岸线的清新视野。
Norfolk Burleigh Heads is located on iconic Goodwin Terrace between the beach and National parklands.  Norfolk is a stunning showcase of the sun, surf, sand and relaxed social scene of Burleigh in an intimate collection of sophisticated residences over 8 levels.  The interiors are spacious and embody the freshness of the coastline in a timeless narrative.

10 to 12 Lindsay Street
Lindsay位于布莱顿的一条主要街道上,由10套公寓组成,每一套公寓都经过Mim Design精心设计,旨在最大限度地提高日常生活质量。室内提供了一个永恒优雅的感觉,包括真实的材料,如天然石材贯穿始终,较大的空间比例决定了宽敞的厨房和浴室,同时细节贯穿了整个室内的设计。
Ten to Twelve Lindsay located in one of Brighton’s premier streets consists of 10 apartments all generously planned to maximise every day living.  The interiors provide an elegant timeless feel with the inclusion of authentic materials such as natural stone throughout.  Large proportions dictate effortless kitchens and bathrooms, whilst the interiors pay homage to fine detailing throughout.

Nineteen At The Star
黄金海岸The Star的最新成员是娱乐场休闲的8.5亿美元重建计划的一部分。Mim Design设想了一个精致的空间,以庆祝海岸的海滨美景。这家拥有150个座位的餐厅位于The Darling酒店的顶层,可通往俯瞰黄金海岸天际线的无边泳池。酒吧区可容纳多达500位客人。“每个空间的内部感觉捕捉了黄金海岸的元素-发光的水景、斑驳的日落和强烈的地平线,这些都在它的设计理念中发挥了作用.”Miriam Fanning说。
Nineteen At The Star. The latest addition to The Star in Gold Coast came about as part of the casino’s casual $850 million redevelopment plan. Melbourne-based Mim Design envisioned a sophisticated space that celebrates the beachside beauty of the coast. Located on the top level of The Darling hotel, the 150-seat restaurant opens on to an infinity pool overlooking the Gold Coast skyline. The bar area is designed to entertain up to 500 guests. “The interior feel of each space captures the elements of the Gold Coast – luminescent water line views, dappled sunsets and strong horizon lines all play a part in its design philosophy,” says Mim Design’s Principal, Miriam Fanning.

Colour palettes throughout the restaurant reflect the surrounding environment. Softly gilded brass clads the elevators and bar, reflecting the nightlights of the city skyline. Curving custom bench seats and chairs are upholstered in shades of teal and ocean-blue velvet. Rich greens reference the surrounding hinterland, such as Tamborine and Springbrook mountains.

绿色大理石用于餐厅的戏剧性天花板高度面板,再用于浴室柜台。垂直的黄铜细节,双层高的窗户和宽阔的弧形楼梯增强了用餐空间的空间感。甚至还有一个定制的玻璃框葡萄酒室,可容纳3,500瓶酒。对于'VIP',私人酒吧包括干邑墙,黑色大理石酒吧和豪华红色天鹅绒地毯地板。一系列浮动吊灯,每一个都是黄铜,管状和球形灯泡的独特结构,增强了华丽的气氛。虽然受到大自然的启发,但Mim Design选择了适合郁郁葱葱的黄金海岸赌场的材料。
Green marble is used for a dramatic ceiling height panel in the dining room and again for the bathroom counters. Vertical brass detailing, double-height windows, and a sweeping curved staircase enhance the expanse of the dining space. There’s even a custom glass-framed wine room that holds up to 3,500 bottles. For ‘VIP’s’, the private bar includes a cognac wall, black marble bar, and regal red velvet carpet floor. A series of floating chandeliers, each a unique construction of brass, tubular and spherical bulbs, enhance the opulent mood. Though nature-inspired, Mim Design chose materials that are all appropriately lush for a glitzy Gold Coast Casino.

AAP Residence
Set amongst towering pin oak and golden elm trees, this new build in Ivanhoe East is reminiscent of the brutalist mid-century architectural period with large cantilevered concrete levels and extended eaves.  The level of design detail throughout the home is evident, allowing DX Architects’ external design to connect seamlessly.  

All sightlines throughout the home unveil uninterrupted views of the beautiful landscaping and towering trees, creating an elevated tree-house living experience.  The final stage of furniture and art selection marries all the form and function of the project together finishing off a beautifully handcrafted home.

Rialto 广场
Mim Design由Grollo Group聘请,负责位于墨尔本CBD的Rialto广场和大堂的零售规划、店面设计和场地制作,并指定软装家具。与墨尔本事务所Woods Bagot的团队合作实现了对现有建筑的再生,在向过去致敬的同时拥抱未来。整个大厅,定制的编织地板家具被开发和制造,标志性的家具制造商展示了强烈的设计风格。
Engaged by Grollo Group, Mim Design undertook retail planning, shopfront design and place-making along with specifying softening furniture for the Rialto Plaza and Lobby, located in Melbourne’s CBD.  Collaborating with Melbourne architect firm Woods Bagot, the team realised a regeneration of an existing building paying homage to the past whilst embracing the future.  Throughout the lobby, custom woven floor furnishings were developed and manufactured and iconic furniture manufacturers demonstrated a strong sense of design style.

Vue de Monde
位于里亚托广场51层的Vue de Monde餐厅由一个雕刻的黄铜礼宾台接待客人。配合黑色细木工板门,漂浮的黄铜灯具,镜面墙与连接的Moroso休息室和定制设计的地毯,礼宾部创造了一个机会,为一个同样优秀的可以俯瞰墨尔本的CBD餐厅提供独特的入口。
Diners are welcomed to the 51st floor Vue de Monde restaurant by a sculptured brass concierge desk located in the Rialto Plaza.  Paired with black reeded concealed joinery doors, floating brass light fittings, mirrored panel walls with a connecting Moroso lounge anchored with custom designed carpets, the concierge creates an opportunity to provide a distinctive entry statement for an equally outstanding restaurant overlooking Melbourne’s CBD.

Flemington Spring Carnival is the jewel in the crown of the racing calendar.  A week of entertainment, fashion and excitement.  However it’s that winning moment, the moment across the finish line, that unties the crowd in celebration.
The 2018 Tabcorp marquee is an inspiring space which excites us and elevates the overall experience through colour, form and movement.  The interiors captured the euphoria of a winning moment.  The anticipation of the unknown.  Revealing a space of celebration with a pop of golden champagne, complemented by the classic beauty of the gardens.




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